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The CRDT wallet is a part of the CRDTPay ecosystem that allows you to seamlessly store and interact with various fiat and cryptocurrencies. The CRDT ecosystem acts as your own personalized payment network wherein you can interact with merchants, sellers, and buyers.

Third-party bank or EMI payment cards that are natively supported and accepted by Apple Wallet and Google Wallet can be stored on a Buyer’s device and integrated with CRDTPay. This allows the Buyer to select a third-party bank, or EMI-issued Visa or Mastercard that is stored on their device and contactlessly pay a Seller/ Merchant on their device where CRDTPay is installed.

The CRDT operator determines the fee for processing and settling the transaction between Buyer/Customer and Seller/ Merchant.

CRDT also functions as a cash top-up solution. If a Seller/ Merchant receives cash from a Buyer/ Customer, they can credit the CRDT Wallet of the Buyer/Customer in real-time.

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Mark F.

Perfect crypto exchange, works well for me. Quick processing and low charges

Alex P.

Fantastic card. Easy to use and takes away a lot of the fuss that comes with buying crypto.

Samuel R.

Really pleased with this card. Hoping for some great returns from my investment!

Pavel S.

Got my card today, very excited to get started with it. Going to be much easier than having to deal with the usual stress.

Hayden F.

Can't wait to see what the future holds with this, i've been using it for a couple of weeks now and i'm very excited!

Lorna S.

This could be revolutionary for the Crypto World! Very glad to be a part of it.